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4 Things to Keep in Mind as a Graphic Designer

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Ft Jenell Paraiso, Graphic Designer

Always Do Research

Research should always be the first thing you do before starting any design. Begin with getting to know your subject or client so you know what to base your research on. After getting to know them or the purpose of the project, research as much data as you can whether its culture, environment, type, or color; the list goes on!

Function >>> Form

The function sets the form, so when it comes to design always think function over form. Think about what you're designing and its purpose before creating the visual aesthetic aspect of your work.

Jotting Ideas & Thought Process

When thinking about your design or interviewing your client, remember to ask, "What's the mission?" "What are your core values?".

Take Marketing Courses

This can be helpful for any design field. Having knowledge of marketing skills can help improve the way you design and how you see things through a social aspect. Learning to understand your customers and viewers is vital to creating your design work. The course doesn't have be from school, you can learn online or on YouTube as there are lots of resources out there.

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