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8 Tips From A Dance Major

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Featuring Francez Urmatan, Double Major in Dance & Anthropology

Don't rush to be the best one // Take your time learning the foundational steps

1. Take your time learning the basics first, before moving forward.

If you start dance later in life, you'll usually adopt a subconscious need to play "catch up" to others. Shift your focus from a need to compare and measure up, to focusing on your fundamentals.

2. Always thank the teacher.

You're gaining something from them and they're offering whatever they have to you. It's also their first impression of you, they'll have a better chance of remembering you when asking for notes. Also - it's just polite.

3. Take classes in styles you're not comfortable with.

You can always gain something from a style and apply it to other aspects of dance. Not only will this help you become a more versatile, but it'll also make you a more well rounded dancer.*

4. Keep freestyling, keep creating.

It's the best way to get to know yourself as an artist, even if you hate it [your work]. Get to know what your bad habits are, what your personal style is, and applying something new that you learned from class onto your body.

5. Stretch before class (F'REAAAAAAL!).

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to stretch before class to prevent injury. Try coming to the studio earlier, or even stretching in the hallway before you enter if you're running late.

6. Always stay strapped with food.

Sometimes we forget to recharge because we're so into our own routine. We have a tendency to recharge our social battery but not our nutritional one. Learn what foods give you your best fuel and drink lots of water.

7. Wear what you're comfortable with.

No one cares, don't take class for the footage or the hype. Most importantly, wear good fitting shoes! At the end of the day, you're taking class for yourself, not for the sake of others.

8. If you're injured - DON'T PUSH YOURSELF TO DO THE THING [dance], SIT DOWN.

When you're injured and you want to keep going, wouldn't you rather take the week off and not the rest of your life? A sprain can lead to a stressed fracture, if you're not careful enough. You're not being the hero for yourself or for other people.

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