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Best Q's to Ask Your Lash & Brow Tech!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

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The Little Things!

From how is their bed set up, the music they play, the care amenities, etc. The little things is what can make or break a first impression and your overall experience!

Knowing Your Tech

Get to know your technician's style, strengths, and weaknesses and see if they are the right fit for you! Whether you want to be a student or a client, knowing that information can really help get you the result that you envision.

Do they have a consultation period?

How do you like your lashes & brows? Do you prefer them long? Short? How thick of a curl? Would you like this line more angled or more straight? Having a consultation period is crucial to getting the right shape for your face and getting the lashes & brows that you dream of. Remember, these procedures are semi-permanent!

It's Not Just For The Money,

As a tech you have to know what your client wants. I've seen and heard of experiences from clients where their previous technician completely ignored their request and did whatever was best for them [the technician]. Some might insist what they [the technician] want on you or they might not always agree with what you [the client] wants. Stand firm and assess if you agree with their suggestions or if you'd prefer to find someone else who better fits your ideal style.


It's important to have a tech that allows you to be picky and respects you for your details & preferences! Not only are you paying good money for these treatments, but also this is an investment for and on yourself. You deserve it, and it is ultimately your image until your next session.

Make Sure You Are Comfortable at All Times.

This includes and is not limited to personal space, comfortability, and personal discretion (allergies to certain materials, etc.). Communication is definitely key, but also using the bathroom and reading your lash tech's pre-appointment suggestions are a must!

Out of Stock

When setting your appointment, inquire about styles and be prepared with sample images to show your technician. Sometimes some lash techs may be low in stock for popular sets, or may not carry the size curls or lengths with them prior to your appointment. By doing this, the technician can be best prepared for you when it comes time.

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