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Wanna be a Creative in Japan?

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Featuring Meg Igarashi

Networking is key!

This will be how you land jobs! Most creative jobs are through word of mouth. So the more you build your network, the more likely you will able to be hired for a job. It's about who you know.

Showcase your skills on public platforms.

Really utilizing Youtube, Instagram, and other popular public platforms will help as a public portfolio. Plus, it's free!

Being good on the actual job.

This one is kinda obvious but very important, if you can provide quality work on the job - they'll most likely hire you again for another project. Keep in mind that by practicing your skills frequently, this tip should be an easy one to master.

Be Ready!

Build your skills, watch Youtube videos, get inspired. All these can help you when your opportunity strikes! Take classes and meet others who you can collaborate with.

Get your foot in the door

Kinda cliche, but just like in most creative jobs - getting your foot in the door is definitely a difficult task. But just know - once the door is open there are A LOT of opportunities.

Full-time vs Freelance

In Japan, it's easier to find full-time jobs when starting your career compared to freelance or contract jobs. This is mostly because of consistency on the company's behalf that most recruitment companies contact creatives about full-time jobs. However, there are a lot of people who do prefer freelance because they do like the freedom.

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