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What Does Each "NEU" Stand For?

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NEU.WAV – Our centralized playlist. Curated playlists will be released once a month and a featured song or mix will be posted every week.


NEU. LIFESTYLE – Got questions? So do we! Ever wondered what professional photographers use? What editing software was really worth it? Will those shoes really make me a better dancer? We’ll find out for you!


NEU.COMMUNITY – Always wanted to know how people got to where they are? Don’t even know where to start? What resources are there to help you achieve your goals? We’re here to interview some amazing people & businesses to elaborate on their experiences and journeys!


BOXES – Tired of people putting you in a box? Format your own! Our gallery of creatives showcases multi-faceted & super refined talents with all their feats! We’d love to feature you and hope you find opportunity by browsing our fellow collaborators!

How Often Does New Content Get Uploaded?

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NEU.WAV – Will feature one song/mix every week & a curated playlist once a month


NEU. LIFESTYLE – Once a week a neu article will be posted with varying topics


NEU.COMMUNITY – Every other week we will be featuring a creative//business to help share their experience//expertise


BOXES – Every 2 weeks we will be uploading a new set of boxes to add to our community

How Can I Be Featured?

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Submissions & Nominations

Anyone can enter a submission or be nominated via the "SUBMISSIONS" page. We will not be taking direct submissions via email/phone/etc. Please fill out information accordingly and we will be reviewing and responding as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience in advance!

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